To Bleed Or Not To Bleed

by Scorn

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The Demo we have been working on for the past while is finally out.

"To Bleed Or Not To Bleed"

The Executioner


released April 18, 2015

All recording, mixing, mastering done by Patrick Vilbar

Instruments and vocals by Steven Rowlands and Julian Dutton

All art done by Christopher Horst



all rights reserved


Scorn Guelph, Ontario

A 3 piece death/thrash metal band out of Guelph, Ontario.

Guitar/Vocals: Steven Rowlands

Bass: Aiden Watkinson

Drums/Vocals: Julian Dutton

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Track Name: Nazgul
Riding on hellhawks
They fly through the night
Servants of darkness
The deathly kings of nine
From Mordor
To the shire
To collect the ring
Twas forged in fire

Sent out by Sauron to alter the fate
Of middle earth!
The riders of black, sent to attack, to maim, to kill, to murder!

They search for the ring
Can hear it, can feel it, but can not obtain it

They cry for it's touch
Endure the wail!

Relinquish the ring.

Night has come over, you can not escape
The blade of the Wraith, it pierces with hate

An aura of black, surrounding each victim
With Death!

Track Name: Enslaved
A Ritual of satan has begun

Scratching markings onto the ground

Plunging deeply into the skin
Darkness has come, the pleasure of sin!

Dreams of black have clouded the mind
Thoughts of hell seem so divine
Creatures, from the depths

Unknown to man, Untouched by time
Praise them!

Death consumes the whole of earth, Feeding off of life
Captured by the ghouls of hell, enslaved is all mankind

Eyes in every corner
No one can escape
This place is fucking haunted
Come forward to your fate!
Track Name: The Executioner
In the belly of the beast, rising flames brings forth such pain
A terrifying plethora of sadism takes shape.

Twisting tubes down the throat, alters screams of grief
Sifting through the air, the stench of well burnt meat!

Judas cradle, pierces wholes where life is born
The rack is fear itself, careful not to get ripped and torn
Heretics fork! Stuck into your chin and chest
Garrote Torture, slowly crushing necks!

She's a witch, burn her now
Take her to the stake

Tie the rope, to her leg
Throw her in the lake

See her burn, watch her drown
Accused by all of town

Torture becomes
Your death

I am the end, they call me death
These tools are my instruments of pain!

I watch them bleed, entrances me
I sit there and I smile, as I watch them pull apart

This shining bull, glows red with fire
To see the carcass left inside is my one desire

You're filled with dread, I'll crush your head
I'm sharpening my axe
'cause soon you'll all be dead!

Life is never lasting
Pray for death!
Track Name: Decreation
Fire falls
Onto this land
From the sky
Chaos takes over the
World plunged into darkness
Man returns to beast
Oceans filled with blood
Prayers to god have ceased

The end of life
All's left to die
Traces of existence washed away
A force divine
Crushes the epics of time


End, End of life! x4

Gods kingdom has been overthrown
Satan's forces rip through angels flesh and bone

Lucifer sits upon the pearly white thrown
all the heavens forever
Turned to stone

Wither away
Reality fades

All hope for salvation is lost
Humanity awaits the burning pits of hell
The cosmos returns to chaotic void
Nothingness ensnares everything that was

End, End of life x4